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Olga Pechova is a Russian Hottie whose only appeared in a handful of hardcore features that have been released here in the States. Still, Olga Pechova has won over plenty of fans with her unbridled work and has proven to be one sexstress who'll do anything and everything to stir up an audience. Olga Pechova is a strikingly pretty young woman, with blonde short hair and a killer smile that instantly lights up a room. Her leggy, lithesome frame is home to a tasty set of boobs, and her well-rounded backside is pure gold for fans who love a bootilicious babe. Her seemingly innocent face could grace the covers of fashion mags if it weren't for the broiling sexual sizzle that lurks just beneath.

Olga Peach was born on August 2, 1973 in Moscow. By the early 90's, she was working as a stripper at some of The Notoriously Naughty Sex Clubs. That's where Olga Peach was spotted by European talent scouts, and it wasn't long before Olga Peach was making a name for herself as a full-fledged porno strumpet. She's an endlessly enthusiastic performer who's never run into a sexual situation she couldn't handle. Olga Peachova's fantastic good looks fit in quite well at Private, where they pride themselves on lining up nothing but the best of European performers.

Here are the Lists of Olga Pechova Movies, some titles are in English and French, also the alternative titles if any. She has done loads of movies in German and some Italian.

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* Anal Guru
* L'Ange de la vengeance 1994, Dir. Carolyn Monroe
* Angel's Vengeance
* L'Angelo della vendetta
* Assassinio sul Danubio 1995, Dir. Max Bellocchio DVD
* Ça partouze chez Christophe 1995, Dir. Christophe Clark (as Platina Facel)
* Caught in the Act Part 2: Beim ficken erwischt (as Olga)
* Le Chienne du Danube
* Come lei così son tutte
* Creme de jouissance Dir. Christophe Clark
* Crociera anale (La nave dell'amore) Dir. Jessica Rizzo
* Depravate 1995, Dir. A. M. Dry (as Olga Lovi)
* Le Dernièr train
* Docteur vicieux
* Euro Gals Vol. 9: Murder on the Danube River
* Fotzen privat alternative title for Depravate (as Olga Lovi)
* From Hungary with Love 90s, Dir. ?
* Fuckingdales on Tour 1995, Dir. Moli
* Garage à bites alternative title for Garage Fever (as Platina Facel)
* Garage Fever Dir. Christophe Clark (as Platina Facel)
* Gianburrasca 2 1999, Dir. Magdalena Lynn
* Le Gourou anal 1995, Dir. Christophe Clark (as Platina Facel)
* L'Héritage de Laure 1996, Dir. Christophe Clark
* The Inheritance OLGA PECHOVA
* The Last Train OLGA PECHOVA
* Love Points OLGA PECHOVA
* Lust & Crime & harte Touren OLGA PECHOVA
* Lust and Crime & harte Touren
* Mémoires d'un Pervers 2
* Metamorfosi 1990s, Dir. Eugenio De Lorenzi (as Olga Lovi)
* Offertes à tout 6: Fantasmes 1995,
* Offertes à tout 7: Fantasmes à l'Est 1995
* Office affaire ?, Dir. Max Bellocchio (as Olga Lovi)
* Pictures of a Prostitute , Dir. Harry S. Morgan
* Prima 9: Assassins, OLGA PECHOVA
* I Promessi Sposi 1997, OLGA PECHOVA
* La Signora in Cadillac col Nero dietro Dir. Jessica Rizzo (uncredited)
* Speilzeit 4 Stunden, OLGA PECHOVA
* La Suceuse 1994, Dir. Andre Lucyenne (as Olga)
* Super Max's Magazine 8 ?
* Das Tagebuch der Lust 2, OLGA PECHOVA
* Teenies allein zu Haus 1995, Dir. Moli
* Teenies Alone At Home, OLGA PECHOVA
* Teenies seule à la maison, OLGA PECHOVA
* Teenystrich Privat 1990s, Dir. ?
* Train du plaisir Dir. Christophe Clark (as Platina Facel)
* L'Ultimo treno 1995, Dir. Max Bellocchio (as Olga Lovi)
* Von der dunklen Seite, OLGA PECHOVA
* Voyeur Gallery 1990s, Dir. Mario Salieri, OLGA PECHOVA

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